Have you ever been so immersed in music, it took you to another place in your mind? 
Or been to places where you could imagine music emanating from the landscape, where you could literally sense it inside your head?

States of Suspension attempts to answer these questions, in an artwork that examines the nature of imagination through liminal or ‘between’ zones of experience in music and imagery. By utilising the unique visual and acoustic qualities of the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre courtyard set against the twilight backdrop of a world-heritage national park, this thought-provoking and immersive artwork provides audiences with an opportunity to experience time and space ‘suspended’ in music, sound, projections and lighting.

Music performed by improvisation group PaperSun integrates harmonically and rhythmically with the echoed acoustic surrounds of the courtyard. This provides a compelling auditory backdrop to the gradually changing light conditions for audience members, especially those located beneath the archway or 'suspension' zone, augmented by projections of abstracted imagery. The large window facing the courtyard area contributes to the acoustic character of the space, offering dual properties of reflection and transparency and providing optimal views of liminal zones emerging as daylight transitions from twilight into evening.

A selection of images and video from States Of Suspension at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, 2.2.2018
The artist

Peter Long is a performing musician, composer, sound artist and graphic designer based in the upper Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. His PhD research investigates aesthetic experiences of spatio-temporal suspension in popular music and moving imagery, and his artistic practice draws inspiration from the unique Blue Mountains environment and its timeless visual and sonic footprint. In 2014 he completed a first class honours degree in a Bachelor of Music at Western Sydney University, and has since presented his research at conferences in Spain, New Zealand and Australia.


PaperSun is an experimental collective of musicians based in the upper Blue Mountains. Their sound ranges from psychedelic rock to ambient soundscapes, with an emphasis on improvisation and extended instrumental techniques. Read more about Paper Sun at papersunband.com


States of Suspension is an immersive music, sound and light event exploring the nature of imagination... read more

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